Saturday, September 8, 2012

Orange Jucier

 Growing up, I remember trying and utterly failing multiple "Chores Charts" and "Kids To Do" lists.  No matter if our reward was a simple star sticker or five bucks, it was destined to fail before it was put it up on the fridge with Sesame Street magnets or yellow sticky-tack.

        You know what I mean.

    Well, following in my parents footsteps, we have decided to give 'er a go and post a Chore Chart...and starting tomorrow, we hope to engage our kids in something more than just helping Mom and Dad around the house.  

    It's the MoneySmart Family System  (we looked into it after hearing a radio interview with the authors).  If you ever get the chance, this is a great book to read through... and cheap if you have Kindle or a Kindle app.  

    Here is my first (rough) draft... my hope is that this melts into our home, lifestyle and parenting-- wellwithout making much of "having or not having money" altogether.  

    My older two have already started the "gimme-gimmies"  and before too much longer, expectations of immediate gratification will become  part of their growing personalities.  You know how I know this?  Because that is me.  And it took a few decades to remove the blockage of envy, laziness and mooching off of my heart and mind.  

    We are prayerful in this.  Very.  

    I suggest if this is something you are interested in, read the book before you plan any schedules or begin your list of chores.  The author(s) give you practical and biblical wisdom as to the "why" you want to pursue this way of training up your child.  

    (I just want to also add that I realize there are many families who do not struggle with this issue...and therefore might think this could be a bit much!  But if you have kids of any age, it is a great one to skim even if they are very wise with their money/time/possessions.)

                                                         {Chore Chart & Pay Day}

{Possible points per day}

~Monday-Friday-4 points per day
~Saturday -3 points (no school)

*Double Points = Double Pay
If you see that something needs to be done 
and you do it well without being asked- 2 times or more during the will earn double pay on payday.  If you need any suggestions or ideas for double pay, ask Dad or Mom.

{Pay Day}- Sunday Morning
~We will add up all of your points and you will
receive your pay for the week.  You will divide your
money into 3 parts: Giving, Saving & Spending

{Giving} -church
{Saving} -car, college & house
{Spending} - see below

{What to use your spending money on}
~Something you see that you would like to buy.
~If something is too expensive, we will help you 
set a goal so that weekly you set aside a bit of your spending until you reach  your goal.
-wait to spend your spending money until 
you see know of something that you want or need.
~if you know of someone who is in need of something and would like to help them, you
may donate a portion of your spending to them.
(examples- missionaries or other giving project)

{Points} each point is worth 15¢
~Morning- 1 point each day
~School- 1 point each day except on Saturday
~Pick 3- 1 point each day  (ask Mom or Dad if   
                something has been done already)
~Round Up & Bed- 1 point each day. 

***In total, you can earn up to 60¢ each day, which is $3.45 each Pay Day.  If you earn Double Pay, you  could get paid $6.90 on Pay Day (if you have  earned all your points for the week.)

{Chores for Points} * indicates poss. supervision/help
Take out recycling to bins
*Vacuum car
*Wipe back windows in car
Wipe mirrors 
*Help with dishes
Wash table(s)
*Set/Clear table
Wash kitchen counters
Dust (upstairs/down)
Vacuum stairs with small vacuum
Clean Wood floor
Waste baskets
*Help fold or put away laundry 
Pick up toys
Organize book shelf in playroom
     (chapter books in girl's room./ rest in playroom)
Organize closet in playroom
Shoes in mudroom (check / wipe down area)
Garage toys 
*Sweep / vacuum garage
*Water flowers
Sock basket- match 10 pairs
Toilet paper (checkone on roll & 1 extra on tank)
Wipe down sinks with disinfectant wipes
Wipe sliding glass door
Disinfect knobs/ lights switches
Check paper products (toilet paper/kleenex/ cups/  
         plates/ napkins/paper towels)
Wipe out fridge(s)
Wipe down lower cabinet doors
Take bed sheets to the laundry room
*Wash windows 
*help with meal/dessert
*clean shower windows
* bathroom floors etc.
*kitchen floor

{Self-care } - expected without points rewarded.
          Dad & Mom can add to this list as needed.
~Make bed
~Clothes/pj's /shoes to proper places
~Flush toilet (yes my kids forget to do this daily)
~Piano practice

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