Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lord...You are good.

God brought me back around this week and this time He used my sister, Laura.

I received the following pictures as text messages on my phone last night:

I'm thinking "Oh cute, Laura- what's this?"

and "Aw, she participated in some sort of craft fair or something!"
(Laura, Kirstin and Abigail)

and then....finally this:

We sometimes wonder if God has chosen the right people for a job....

whatever you are doing to glorify Him today, know that He is qualifying you to do it. If you focus only on what you don't have as Moses did, you are entirely missing the boat.

If you focus on the Lord, and what He will do through an obedient child of the King,
well then,

let the miracles begin.

I love you Laura....God has blessed me so much. My cup runneth over.


  1. my heart can relate...praising the Lord for your miracle! always praying for you friend!!!

  2. Rachel- I can't believe you knew about this :D