Thursday, July 7, 2011

SO WE'VE GOT IT. our information & acceptance letter from Children's Hope came while we were in VA visiting Matthew & Angel, Michael's fam out east. THANK YOU to all those who prayed about this with us. Despite some changes in the agency, and as of this week, even changes in the ET government, we are completely positive that this is the direction God is leading. What can we do but follow!?! Today we learned that some Ethiopian orphanages were being closed down by the government but our agency is picking up another orphanage as well, PTL! Today we had our last training day with our homestudy and things keep moving right along. I think we are about to have a huge wake up call when we hit what I like to call "an opportunity to learn patience." I have never done this before, but know that it is right around the corner. I know this is a short update...I'll try to get on here in a couple days when we get more info.
WE WANT TO ASK FOR PRAYER today for my family. Mom left today with some friends with Ordinary Hero to Ethiopia to advocate for orphans and do missions work...a GREAT team of people and with God's help will move mountains, of this we are sure. Also my baby sis and her family arrived safely a few days ago in Malawi Africa and are trying to settle into their missions organization, home and new life there. ALSO my sis Laura and her family moved last weekend to Milwakee for three years and with two little guys, you can imagine the transitions they will be going through. Thanks again for praying along side us guys...God is so good.

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