Friday, June 24, 2011

Here we go

My three girls are running in circles around our staircase yelling silly things like “waggy tails” and “yip-yip”...I am surrounded by stacks of papers, bills, sticky notes and unreturned phone calls...and even though there are dishes left sitting in the sink and cereal bowls on the kitchen table, (has the cat been fed?) and the laundry pile has reached the point of tipping, I have to get this started because I will never find time to do it. So Rachel, this is started because you keep nagging me :) to start a blog. I’m going to apologize ahead of time because it will be a miracle to keep up with it, but I will do what I can.

So every wonderful moment of my life has been all to God’s mercy and grace-- and to anyone reading this who doesn’t know us personally, here is what’s happening in a nutshell: despite our imperfections, our failed moments in parenting and marriage... days when we’ve put happiness over holiness--despite the times when we have forgotten how great a High Priest we have in Jesus Christ, and how sovereign God truly is-- the overwhelming passion to adopt a little boy has changed our hearts forever. And so with our eyes set upward and our hearts open to all that is about to unfold, we start to walk this path with nothing but faith.


  1. jen-the last two sentences are the sweetest words i've ever read! tears and the biggest smile right now, i'm starting to get a grateful God planned us to be friends!!! and not only our girls...but now our boys too! :) -em

  2. Its about time!;) Jk! No, I really am thankful that we'll get to see
    a glimpse into your thoughts on this jorney... to your little boy Keedy! Love it!!!